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Ballestas Islands Aquatic Tour



Ballestas Islands, often called “Galápagos Peruana”, is a perfect place for experienced travelers to enjoy wildlife. Here in these rocky islands, about 90 min from the coast, there are colonies of Humboldt penguins that are in danger of extinction. Likewise, the Ballestas Islands are the refuge of two varieties of sea lions (fur seals and wolves) and other mammals.

It is also of special interest when you are near these islands, to hear the cries of the wolf packs. It gives the impression of being surrounded by these animals practically almost 360 degrees. The auditory spectacle is one of a kind. These sea lions are harmless.

These islands can be accessed from the Paracas pier, near Pisco, making a circuit that takes place in boats, which allows us to appreciate these species and their environment in a safe way. The complete circuit two hours approximately and begins at 7:30 AM. Sailing to the Ballestas Islands, on the way you can see El Candelabro which is a large geoglyph that serves as a beacon for sailors. This geoglyph is related to the lines and geoglyphs of Nazca and Pampas de Jumana.

The Tours to the Ballestas Islands leave at different times, please contact us so that we can make your reservations according to the weather predictions, therefore we will do the programming to leave from Turicento from 8 am (to take the boat that leaves at 10 am) or waiting for the arrival of the boats.


Tour details:

Time: the tour takes place from 8am to 10am.

Transportation: pick up the passengers 10 minutes before the hotel.

Conditions: Every day, except anomalous conditions of waves.

Services: the guides speak English and Spanish.

Prices: S / .16.00

Recommendations: hat or hat, sunscreen, jacket for the wind.


Important details:

  • Guided bilingual service: Languages Spanish and English

  • Visit to the Ballestas Islands (boat + lifejacket + guide).

  • Passenger insurance against accidents and Soat.

  • basic first aid kit.

  • Does not include port tax for entrance to Islas Ballestas S / .16.00




Islas Ballestas Contributes to ecology:

We work in Paracas legally and under contract of rights and services with the * RNP.

We navigate only in permitted areas according to impact studies carried out.

With each tour we deliver a payment destined to conservation.


Other activities to enjoy:

We can do combo tours which include the different activities that we offer. So a classic tour could be heading towards the Islas Ballestas leaving the town in ATV or Go-Kart ATVs. After you enjoy the view, you will arrive at the hill to Paraglide and then continue the Tour of the Reserve in the ATVs or in  Go - Karts.


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