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Paracas City Tour


Paracas is a place full of history and places that became milestones of the nation, we will visit the Obelisk and monument to the Liberator of Peru El Gnrl. San Martín, likewise the landing place where the liberating expedition arrived, we will visit the residential area of Santo Domingo where luxury hotels and water sports, including the Kitesurf beach, will be found. Later we will enter the Paracas National Reserve to visit the interpretation center and later to the museum Julio C. tello where we will be amazed with the wonders of the art and science of the Paracas Culture and finally we will return to the Turicentro where we will close with a flourish in the Time Machine.


Paracas City Tour It contributes to ecology:

First to comply responsibly with the Tourist Service contract of the Paracas National Reserve, the area was rigorously studied to be visited, we provide additional income with each visitor that are destined for conservation.



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