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Paracas catamaran is a wonderful way to sail.



Sail in a HobieCat catamaran, expiriencing Paracas Bay in a different manner. Let the climate decide whether to enjoy the most beautiful views in the tranquility of the ocean … or experience the speed and the splashing water on a windy day, leave your shoes on the ground because your feet will surely get wet!


Paracas has never been seen in such an amplitude of calm and beauty. Let yourself be carried away by our expert navigators-guides and relax watching the beauty of the bay.

Depending on the weather, we will sail on a catamaran in a slow and peaceful manner or receive some splashes according to the winds. It is recommended for all ages and we have life vests even for children of 4 years (with their parents), older adults usually have a great time!

Our nautical operations are located on the beaches in front of the Double Tree Hilton Paracas located on the beautiful bay of Santo Domingo, just 5 minutes from the town of Paracas.

Sailing in Paracas … you will be amazed !


Tour details:

The tour has an estimated time of 75 minutes, with a navigation time of 40 minutes.

We have a capacity of 5 passengers per boat but we have several boats so we have enough space for groups.

Ages 4 to 75+ years



Every day from 9 am to 1 pm and according to the winds (they start blowing in the afternoon)


It includes:

✔ Roundtrip transfers from the Turicentro.
✔ Life jacket
✔ Storage to avoid wetting your belongings
✔ Navigator Guide


Does not include

✔ Towels or items to dry



✔ Hat.

✔ Water.

✔ Sunblock.

✔ Towel or change of clothes in case of getting wet


Recommendations and advice:

✔ Light or warm clothing according to the season.

✔ Waterproof photo / video camera only


The tours to the Ballestas Islands leave at different times, please contact us so that we can make your reservations according to the predictions of the weather. Therefore we will do the surfing schedule of 8 am. at 10 am o (to take the boat that leaves at 10 o’clock) or to wait for the arrival of the boats at 10 o’clock and to sail later.


Weather permitting, we can navigate until one or two PM.




Catamaran sailing in Paracas contributes to ecology:

We sail Catamarans in Paracas in a legal way and if we navigate within the reserve we do it under rights and services with the * RNP. We navigate only in permitted areas according to impact studies carried out.
With each navigation within the reserve, we deliver a payment destined to the conservation.



Other activities to enjoy:

We can do combo tours which include the different activities that we offer. So a classic tour could be heading towards the Islas Ballestas leaving the town in ATV or Go-Kart ATVs. After you enjoy the view, you will arrive at the hill to Paraglide and then continue the Tour of the Reserve in the ATVs or in  Go - Karts.


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