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Iron cliffs



Walk along the edges of the most wonderful reefs where the colors of the sands and the iron oxide contained in these cliffs touch the sea.  The whole walk is in a gentle descent full of breathtaking views. Do not leave the camera in the hotel and come prepared for something expectacular.


We will go to the lookout point of the red beach located to the south of the beach where we will find the Farallones de Hierro

It is a hike to observe the most beautiful natural landscapes of beaches and rock formations with a high iron content that when oxidized produces this reddish coloration

The tour was designed to be an extremely light and gentle hike because we will start at a slightly altitude of 100 meters ending at the beach at sea level is a walk for all ages and for all those who want to see the most beautiful reefs of the planet.



This tour will visit sites such as:

Mirador de Playa Roja: One of the most beautiful and complete views of the reserve is located here, it is possible to see the two sides of the Isthmus of Paracas and its main bays as well as the view of the beautiful Lagunillas

Punta Katia: Is a natural point of 150 meters  with an impressive view of 270 degrees and is not suitable for those who are afraid of the heights.  Those who are afraid of heights will be able to observe it from a few meters back …

Thirsty rhinoceros: It is a rocky formation that looks like a rhinoceros drinking water in the bright morning light.

Storm Bay: It is a small bay when the sea is rough the energy of the ocean is really impressive.

La Roca de los Pescadores: It is halfway there and we will surely find the fishermen fishing by hand and for their own survival, we see these experts standing inches from the cliffs doing what they like so much … fishing. ..

Yumaque: It is a wonderful beach of white sands surrounded by a small bay of mustard-colored reefs and changing sea of colors where some commercials and films have been made. To take some photos on the rock that looks like a small dock is highly advisable, the bottom of the slopes are beautiful and unforgettable.


This trip lasts from 2 hours to 2 and a half hours.


Tour details

Place of departure: Turicentro

Departure times: Every day at 8 a.m.

Ages: 8 – 65+ Minors with companions


It includes

✔ Roundtrip transfers from the Turicentro.
✔ Guided


Does not include

✔ Tourist tickets to the Reserve



  • Hat

  • Windbreaker or light jacket.

  • Sunscreen.

  • Water.


Recommendations and advice:

  • Light or warm clothing according to the season.

  • Cellular coverage in the limited area (This tour has 80% ok).

  • Local businesses only accept cash.

  • Photo camera and Selfie Stick.




Iron Cliffs contributes to ecology:

We carry out the walks legally and under contract of rights and services with the * RNP.

We travel only in areas allowed according to impact studies conducted.
With each tour we deliver a payment destined to conservation.


Other activities to enjoy:

We can do combo tours which include the different activities that we offer. So a classic tour could be heading towards the Islas Ballestas leaving the town in ATV or Go-Kart ATVs. After you enjoy the view, you will arrive at the hill to Paraglide and then continue the Tour of the Reserve in the ATVs or in  Go - Karts.


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