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PeruKite, an extraordinary experience.



Immerse yourself and surround yourself with the beauty of nature and use only the power of the wind to experience the extraordinary.

Our instructors are certified IKO professionals who will teach you everything from the first steps to the most advanced maneuvers. We use the latest technology in Bluetooth communication to give you the best possible experience.

Normally we fly in the beautiful bay of Santo Domingo just 2 km from the town.

It is a bay with shores of sand on both sides and wonderful pink flamingos that roam freely.

We have the best conditions for learning kitesurfing; Paracas is considered one of the 3 best places in the world to learn, 320 days of wind a year, an inclosed bay in U-signature, side-shore winds, shallow waters (waist-high) and there are no dangerous marine species in the area; and everything is right at your fingertips as if God had designed this place for kitesurfing.

Our goal is to help students to progress quickly and safely, but above all to relax, have fun and enjoy the experience. All we ask is that you bring water, sunscreen, sunglasses and yourself. Leave the rest to us!

KiteSurf, a very popular sport due to its high level of safety and eas learning.


Kitesurf courses


✔ Experience

Duration Tour: 1 Hour.

Price: US$60 


✔ Fun day

Duration Tour: 3 hours in total.

Price: US$175 


✔ Full Course

Duration Tour: 2 days x 3 hours each (total 6 hours)

Price: US$320


Course Details

✔ Place: Santo Domingo Beach

✔ Certification: IKO International included

✔ Hours: 11am, 2pm, 2pm to 5pm

✔ Equipment: Included + rescues

✔ Transportation: Included from Turicentro

✔ Ages: 12 – 60+

✔ If you arrive on your own: S / 10 dct. x day of course


We have permission for numerous places along the national park where we can teach, depending on the strength and direction of the wind of the day. The wind normally rises throughout the day starting at 11 am and continues to blow until the sun goes down.




Kitesurf PeruKite in Paracas contributes to our local ecology:

We kitesurf in Paracas in a legal way and under contract of rights and services with the * RNP.

We navigate only in permitted areas according to impact studies carried out.


With each course we deliver a payment for conservation.




Other activities to enjoy:

We can do combo tours which include the different activities that we offer. So a classic tour could be heading towards the Islas Ballestas leaving the town in ATV or Go-Kart ATVs. After you enjoy the view, you will arrive at the hill to Paraglide and then continue the Tour of the Reserve in the ATVs or in  Go - Karts.


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