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Paracas Full Day”  




“Live a trip full of experiences, wonderful landscapes, nature and adrenaline, let your senses be immersed in this day of light adventure and enjoy the best attractions and absolute natural beauty of Paracas, our second tourist destination in Peru. to fall exhausted and return full of unforgettable memories “.




Ballestas Islands Tour: Enjoy the beauties of these islands arriving in high-speed gliders, get closer to its arched rock formations and experience the thrill of seeing the huge sea lions up close in your family life and witness the immense variety and number of seabirds in which the Humboldt Penguins are normally sighted.


Paracas City Tour: Paracas is a place full of history and landmarks of
the nation, we will visit the monument to the Liberator of Peru El Gnrl. Don José de San Martín, likewise the disembarkation plaza where he arrived with the liberating expedition, we will visit the residential area of Santo Domingo where the luxury hotels and the Kite beach are located, then we will enter the Paracas National Reserve. visit the interpretation center and later to the Julio C. tello museum where we will be amazed with the wonders of the art and science of the Paracas Culture and finally we will return to the Turicentro where we will close with a flourish on the Time Machine.

Time Machine: The Paracas Time Machine “(Culturides Paracas) is a fantastic 15-minute journey into the past in our impressive three-dimensional 3D rotary mechanical simulator, in the style of theme parks in Orlando (USA). enjoy our life-size animatronic dolls that explain the incredible culture that made surgeries and cranial deformations, the arrival of the liberating expedition and much more ….

Lunch à la carte at the Paracas Restaurant: A restaurant in the best Paracas style. The conchitas of fan and sea food, accompanied by the dishes from the nearby valleys, are fused in a wonderful menu full of flavor and culture. Come visit us and forget the diets; When you return home you can continue with them!

(Entry, Second to the letter, Including 1 drink)

Golden Shadows Trek: Enter the very heart of the Paracas National Reserve (35 km) and experience the mysticism and energy of the Lord of the Golden Mountain (Kori-Apu) in the beauty of the cliffs, let your emotions flood in harmony and let your eyes be delighted with the most beautiful sunset on the planet where even the shadows … will look golden “

Explore the deep and true beauty of Paracas!



  • Transports to Ballestas, City Tour and Golden Shades

  • Lunch: Restaurant Paracas a la Carte: Any entrance and fund (not croaker), and two drinks.

  • Tour incluidos: Ballestas, City Tour, Máquina del Tiempo, Sombras Doradas.

  • All fees and income.

  • Permanent assistance.



  • Con traslado Miraflores – Paracas (puerta a puerta): Desayuno abordo (Jugo de naranja o durazno, 2 Sándwich, Galletas, Triangulo de queso, Mantequilla, Mermelada, Barra de cereal, Botella de agua, Y 1 Chocolate).

  • Con traslado Paracas – Miraflores (puerta a puerta): Cena a Bordo: 2 Sándwich a la carta, 2 Gaseosas o Jugos, galleta dulce, barra de cereal y Chocolate.

  • Los Transfers tienen las mismas condiciones



Prior coordination, We will pick you up from the Miraflores hotels and if you are in the adjoining districts, we will cover the taxis on the way out and the return.

  • The Meeting Point is At the front of the C.C. Larco Mar – (6:00 a.m.) at the entrance of the Miraflores Casino Club (100 meters before the traffic light on the Malecón de la reserva).

  • Address of the point: Malecón de la Reserva 535, Miraflores 15074

  • You can see it in the Google Map search with the code VX99 + PP LIMA
    or by following this link HERE.


  • The meeting point is in the TURICENTRO of PARACAS or in its hotels according to the type of trip.

  • Address of the point: Av. Los Libertadores Mz C Lot: 10 (Building of the Restaurant Paracas).

  • You can see it in the Google Map search with the code 5Q82 + JR Paracas
    or by following this link HERE.

  • In the Turicentro you will find ATM services, Agent BCP and Exchange House.


ITINERARY (In red those that include transfers outside of Paracas):

06:00 am: Starting from C. C Larco Mar

07:00 am: Breakfast service on board

09:50 am: Arrival in Paracas

10:00 am: Star Tour to Ballestas Islands

12:00 am: City Tour Paracas

01:15pm: Time Machine

01:30 pm: Lunch at the Paracas Restaurant

02:30 Pm: Free time to visit the Chaco and its artisans

03:45 pm: Departure to the trek of the Golden Shadows

06:45 pm: Pick up from Lunch Boxes ( Paracas Restaurant )

07:00 pm: Departure to Lima

10:30 pm: Arrival to Lima – Meeting Point



  • Short wind or warm jacket depending on the season.

  • Sun block, hat, sunglasses.

  • Long trousers.

  • Wear suitable footwear for hiking on the hill.



  • Additionally wear sandals or light shoes for the first tours.

  • Carry light clothing in order to carry out the various activities.

  • Bring cash. (many small local businesses do not accept cards)


Price Only Full day (No departure, no return): S/ 269

Price Full Day + OW (Only departure o return): S/ 339

PRECIO Full day + RT (With departure o return): S/ 399 

Transfer Miraflores – Paracas o vice versa Hotel a Hotel S/ 99



(Consult  by disponibilidad)


General Conditions:

  • To carry out the activity of the Ballestas Islands requires healthy conditions, for the golden shades It is required to be physically fit and willing to walk on smooth slopes with a drop of 100 m.

  • Rate per person – valid for all weekdays.

  • Children under the age of 07 cannot come unless one of their parents stays ashore or without climbing on the Golden Mountain.

  • All passengers must carry their identity card (DNI or passports).

  • We do not have time to wait at the starting point. If someone is late or not attending, they will lose the right to the tour and there is no place for reimbursement or rescheduling.

  • There is no seating reservation.

  • The excursion to the Ballestas Islands in Paracas is subject to climatological conditions, if these are not adequate or the pier is closed by Port of Paracas captain by anomalous wave or bad weather, will proceed to make a tour of the National Reserve of Paracas in its L Ugar.

  • It is totally forbidden to deal with the transport unit in ethyl state or with symptoms of having ingested alcohol or narcotics. No type of weapon is allowed aboard.



+51 984 586 030


OPERATIONS LIMA: MON A SUN FROM 5:30 TO 10:00 HOURS TO THE +51 983 445 954




Paracas Fullday contributes to ecology:

First to comply responsibly with the tourist service contract of the Paracas National Reserve, the area was studied rigorously to be visited, we provide additional income with each visitor who are destined for conservation.



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