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The Paracas Time Machine



“The Paracas Time Machine” (Culturides Paracas) is a fantastic 15-minute journey back in time in our impressive 3D rotary mechanical simulator.  It is in the style of the theme parks of Orlando, FL (USA). Go back 2,500 years and enjoy our life-size animatronic dolls that explain the incredible culture that performed surgeries, cranial deformations, the arrival of the liberating expedition and much more … “

History has never been seen with such audio-visual realism.


Show details:

Duration: The show has an estimated time of 15 minutes.

Capacity: 25 passengers per show, perfect for groups.

Ages: From 4 to 75+ years

Languages: English and Spanish

Every day from 9 am to 9 pm

Adults price: S / 30.00  15.00

Children Price: S / 22.00  11.00
* Under 8 years

Price: Promotions: S / 15.00  7.50
* Promotions at least 20 students


Place: TuriCentro (ed. Paracas)



Not Recommended for people with Claustrophobia



The Paracas Culture


Paracas was an important pre-Columbian civilization of Ancient Peru. Its origins from the period called Formative Superior or Early Horizon, which developed in the peninsula of Paracas, province of Pisco, Ica region, between 700 BC and 200 AD. It is partly contemporary with the Chavín culture that developed in northern Peru.

Much of the information of the Paracas Culture comes from the archaeological excavations undertaken at Cerro Colorado (“Paracas-Cavernas”) and at Warikayan (“Paracas-Necropolis”) by Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello and his disciple Toribio Mejía Xesspe in the 1920s.

It is now known that what Tello called “Paracas-Necropolis” belonged to another cultural tradition, the so-called Topará culture, whose center was located further north, in the Chincha valley.

The Paracas made a high-quality textile, mostly wool and cotton, as well as decorated ceramics and a very elaborate basketry. They also performed cranial trepanations, whose ends are still discussed.

The Paracas culture is the predecessor of the Nazca culture with which it has an evident cultural affinity; In fact, for many specialists, the final phase of Paracas is actually the initial phase of the Nazca culture.


The Time Machine contributes to ecology:

The time machine in Paracas contributes with History and culture in an absolutely fun way, Paracas is the cradle of the Nation and its history could not be left untold. Also within the exhibition, we will be able to appreciate important aspects of the Paracas National Reserve, which is absolutely linked to that culture and a large part of its remains are found within it.



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